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Bizolutions has a variety of training courses available, presented as short courses, at your or other agreed venues.Bizolutions training courses can be presented in small or large groups, depending on your requirements.


Current training courses are in subject matters of:

  • Business Excellence

  • Quality awareness and principles of ISO 9000

  • Excellence in Management & Customer Service

  • Continuous Professional Development within the Plumbing Industries (CPD) (can be given, but CPD not active any more)

  • Basic engineering principles

  • Train the trainer


Please browse through the various categories of training available and do not hesitate to contact Bizolutions to discuss your requirements.

Business Excellence

Training in continuous improvement projects

The following 3 courses are designed to assist management in:

  1. What is process improvement and the selection of a process to improve,

  2. Implementation of continuous improvement processes, and then

  3. Management of a project for continuous improvement


These 3 courses can be taken in sequence, but are also available to take as individual units, where this is required.


Benchmarking for business excellence


In an increasingly competitive world, it is no longer sufficient to be engaged in a continuous improvement process. Most organisations are conscious of the need to change, and competitive edge now often depends on the rate at which improvements can be achieved...

Managing Excellence

Customer service excellence


This training course explains a practical approach to achieving Customer Service Excellence and ensuring continuous improvement.


Organisations can no longer assume that their customers are satisfied and that they keep coming back, day after day...

Managing excellence


This training course explains the importance of management style in creating a customer-focused organisation and outlines the essential skills required by individual managers...

Quality Awareness

Problem solving


This training course provides a systematically approach to problem solving, along with 14 tools and techniques that can be used. For many people, problem solving is a regular part of their work and there is a need to do this in a way that addresses the root causes of problems...

Statistical process control


The following set of lectures has been designed by Bizolutions to assist Quality Control and other supervisory personnel in understanding the concepts and applications of Statistical Process Control with regard to variables on the production floor...

Quality awareness


A course for all levels of personnel that is company specific, based on the individual company's Quality Management System, can be set up and presented.


Please contact Bizolutions for more information...

Internal Auditor

Discussing project on screen
Internal auditor - short course


This short course (~ 2 - 3 hrs) is intended to train personnel to have the skills as an Internal Auditor. An Internal Auditor assist in managing the Internal Audit requirements of a Quality Management System, like ISO 9001...

Manufacturing Engineering

Weld evaluation & quality control

This course has been designed for operational personnel on basic visual and other non-destructive weld joint evaluation and quality control...

Basic hard-metal technology

This course has been designed for operational personnel on basic manufacturing requirements in hard-metal technology.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer - short course


This short course (~ 2 - 3 hrs) is intended to educate the trainer within your company to be able to train effectively and with impact.

This short course is explained on the next page...

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