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  • Does your company supply goods (manufactured locally or import and distribute) for the local and/or international markets?

  • Is your company currently in a growth phase? Or do you want to grow your business turn-over and margin?

  • Do you have pressure from competitors, suppliers, regulatory requirements and/or general other business conditions?​

  • Does your business turn over between $2 million and $50 million (NZ) per year?

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If you find that your customers are increasingly requiring for your business to take action on warranty claims, customer complaints, unsatisfactory raw material supplies, systems increasingly not managing your day to day processes, and these are not set up to manage the processes effectively, then you might need to investigate implementing a Quality Management System that addresses all of these issues.

A Quality Management System will improve your business in a variety of ways. From better control over risks, to improved cost control. For more detail on how you can improve your business, please see the section on Quality Management.


Is your company concerned about your environmental impact on your local community, or even the wider environment of the country or the world in general?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your business' impact on the environment?

Are you considering/requiring having a resource consent (trade-waste, air discharge etc.)?

Then maybe you need to consider implementing an Environmental Management System to address these concerns of yours. For more detail, please see the section on Environment Management.


Do not hesitate to review other services offered by Bizolutions, and maybe we can assist you in responding to change that the business environment throws at you. Bizolutions are there to assist you in making your business more efficient, more effective and subsequently improving your bottom line.

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