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Nic Lourens
Director & Consultant
Certificate Industrial Radiography
Certificate Ultrasonic Testing
National Diploma Physical Metallurgy
National Higher Diploma Physical Metallurgy
National Higher Diploma Quality Assurance
Exemplar Global
- Management Systems Auditing
Quality Management Systems
Leading Management Systems Auditing Teams
Graduate Diploma Business Administration
Masters Degree Business Administration

Nic Lourens, director of Bizolutions, is a qualified metallurgist and a quality management professional. He has also been in an export business development role and an SME business owner and has the credentials to assist you in your business operational needs.


Nic studied Physical Metallurgy and Quality Management for 5 years in the early 80's in Pretoria, South Africa. He worked at the Atomic Energy Corporation for 10 years as a metallurgist and quality engineer. From there, in the early nineties, he moved to Powder Industries, a hard metal manufacturing factory, as the QA Manager and ending there as the Works Manager.


From 1996 through to 1998, he was self-employed as a QA Management Consultant, consulting to companies like Sandvik and Boart Hard Metals.


In 1998, Nic and his family emigrated to New Zealand. For the following 7 years he worked at Methven, the plumbing manufacturing company based in Auckland. Here he established himself as an integral part of management, firstly as the QA Manager and then as the Export Business Development Manager. When he left in 2006, to run his own business, he was 1 of 5 senior managers of this NZSX listed concern.


In the early 2000's, Nic completed his Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Auckland University and there-after his MBA through Southern Cross University, in Australia.


As the director of Apple Laser Set, a pre-press company supplying the print and graphics industries, he successfully managed the business during the most severe GFC the world has seen since the 30's, and eventually sold the business in mid 2010.


Bizolutions was created at the start of 2012 to assist businesses through consultation in various aspects of business management, including financial management, marketing, sales and specialising in quality, environmental management systems and, in particular, building product certification systems. His qualifications and experience makes him suitable for all types of investigative analysis, including process implementations, be that from business improvement to a variety of technical/manufacturing processes.


In August 2013, Nic was re-appointed, and is now a member of 5 technical committees with Standards New Zealand/Standards Australia, assisting with the writing of standards for the plumbing and related industries.

In addition, we offer a service to assist clients with the successful application process towards CodeMark. Nic also performs as a 3rd party, independent auditor on behalf of CABs (Conformity Assessment Bodies).


A list of current/recent clients include:

  • Aqualine: Quality Management, Product Certification Management, Metallurgical Consultation

  • Australian Certification Services: Auditor

  • Felton: Business Management, Quality Management, Product Certification Management, H&S Management, Production & Engineering Process Management

  • Ke Kelit: Product Certification Management

  • Kembla: Product Certification Management

  • Koves Plastics: Quality Management

  • Medi'Ray: Quality & Environment Management

  • Methven: Quality Management, Product Certification Management

  • Nexus Foams: Quality Management

  • Precision Foundries (Masport): Environment Management

  • Spring Specialists: Quality Management

  • Pro-Switch: Lead Auditor & Certification Manager

...and many others.

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