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Environmental Objectives

Often the question arises, "What could be our Environmental Objectives be, taken into consideration that we work inherently in a 'clean' environment".

These type of question arises mostly from the service, import & distribution, and other similar industries.

Following are a few examples of objectives to aim towards that could contribute to enhancement and improvement of the environment.


It is important to measure the environmental impact before and after implementation of objectives to gauge its effectiveness.

Typically in a 'dirty' environment, there would be legislation that governs the extent of pollution / contamination that would be allowed. In New Zealand, companies would fall under local territorial authorities and might mean that they have to apply for resource management consents from their local council.

These consents could be any of the following:

  • Industrial Trade Process Resource Consent (this usually covers conditions for contamination of the storm-water system)

  • Air Discharge Consent

  • Trade Waste Consent

Other legislation that companies are subjected to includes:

  • Location Compliance Certificates for hazardous substances.

  • Backflow prevention devices

  • Electrical Safety Regulations

  • Waste Minimisation Act

  • Biosecurity Act

  • And others

As mentioned, examples of other forms of objectives, especially in 'clean' environments are as follows:

  • Efficient use of electricity

    • Change over to low energy use appliances (lighting / heating)​

    • Reduce reliance on grid based electricity supply by installation of solar panels and battery back-up systems

  • Change internal combustion engine type transport to electric vehicles. This reduces your carbon footprint and reduces air contamination.​​

  • Recycle waste products and reduce general waste

    • Glass​

    • Plastic

    • Wood

    • Paper

Do not hesitate to contact Bizolutions for advice on setting Environmental Objectives.

For further information, please refer to the following websites (NZ based):

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