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Solar Energy & Electric Vehicles

There is a change in the world that we have to acknowledge as a paradigm shift in attitudes, coupled with technology, which is causing a revolution.

The change-over from horse-drawn carriage to motorised vehicles in the early 1900's, are being repeated, but moving from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV), and we are experiencing that phenomenon right now.

The impact of electric vehicles cannot be under-estimated as the most significant positive impact that the world will have regarding reduction of pollution of the environment.

Whether you believe in man-made global warming or not, the mere fact that ICE vehicles are polluting the environment, cannot be denied. Smog and poisonous gasses resulting from these and coal burning power stations are areas of great concern.

Major changes has been taken place over the last few years, and as an option to have environmental concerning objectives within your business, the installation of solar panels and change-over to electric vehicles are highly recommended.

To show our commitment to a sustainable environment and future, Bizolutions installed solar panels at their offices and has changed over to a full EV (the VW e-Golf) to test out the concepts.

  • Payback period on the solar panels are 6 years at the most.

  • On the EV, with charging from solar energy, running costs are practically nil. Without solar, running costs are about $0.04/km (practically nil service costs), compared to $0.20/km for fuel only, with servicing costs to be added.

Imagine what this can do for your business if your vehicles do less than 220 km per day.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bizolutions for a discussion on the advantages of electricity generation through solar panels and the use of electric vehicles.

Please refer to this YouTube clip below about the uptake of solar energy generation and electric vehicles:

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