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Productivity Improvement

Lean in Business


Bizolutions is a specialist in applying Lean principles in all types of businesses, be it from manufacturing/production industries through to administration heavy industries. Lean principles can be applied to all types of businesses, and that is where Bizolutions can assist you in creating that competitive edge.


The benefits of implementation of Lean principles are:

  1. Expect a reduction in operating costs

  2. Improve process flow & reduce lead times

  3. Lower regulatory non-compliance risks

  4. Meet customer expectations more often

  5. Improve employee morale & commitment


The following principles are evaluated whether it will apply to a business and to implement those principles that will be of most advantage for the business. These principles are, but not limited to:

  • 5S

    • Sort

    • Systematic arrangement

    • Shine

    • Standardise

    • Sustain

    • ...and now also includes a 6th S - Safety


Other possible Lean improvement principles that can be applied are:

  • Visual controls

  • Continuous flow (material & processes)

  • Cross training

  • Lean leadership

  • Employee engagement

  • Quality

  • Internal auditing & monitoring


If a business is interested in creating that competitive edge, do not hesitate to contact Bizolutions to investigate what options are available to you.


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