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Product Certification

Bizolutions assist companies with the implementation and running of an effective Quality Management System, as well as assisting companies in (building) Product Certification schemes like the CodeMark, WaterMark or similar schemes.


Bizolutions works with you to assist with the CodeMark application process.

This consist of evaluating the application documents and preparing the company towards a successful application to achieve CodeMark for their products / systems.

Bizolutions also assist with the creation and implementation, where required, of the BPQP (Building Product Quality Plan), Technical manuals, Training Manuals and/or any other documentation required by the CodeMark Certification authorities.

WaterMark / WELS / Other schemes


These Product Certifications schemes may be according to the requirements set out by the (NZ) Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment under the CodeMark scheme, or under the Australian Building Codes Board, known as the WaterMark scheme.


Bizolutions can also assist you in managing and qualification of all Australian and New Zealand WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) requirements that the plumbing industry is subjected to.


Bizolutions assist companies with all aspects of the certification scheme. That includes setting product specifications, material analysis, various testing (in-house or sub-contracted), presentation to the authorities for accreditation, assistance with external party auditing, to mention but a few.

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