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Business Management

A business’ strength lies in effective execution of a well designed business plan. Taking this into consideration, Bizolutions assists business owners in supplying business advice to grow the bottom line.


All businesses require planning to ensure future prosperity. Businesses start either with the purchase of a going concern, or entrepreneurs starting a new business. In all cases, Bizolutions can thus generate or update business plans that take all aspects of the business in consideration, whether this is a start-up, or whether you have been in business for many years.


Bizolutions supply business plans generated for:

  • New business owners where these are required to assist during the business purchase evaluation period.

  • Existing business owners where these are required to assist in updating your current business plan.


Bizolutions business plans consist of a comprehensive:


  1. Situation and SWOT analysis, resulting in identifying key issues that need to be addressed.

  2. A marketing strategy resulting in action plans to generate that competitive advantage.

  3. A full financial analysis on the performance of the Company up to date with future projected cash-flow reports.


Bizolutions business plans can especially be used to assist you, the business owner, to obtain that elusive financing when required. Bizolutions’ business plans are highly regarded by the main-stream financial institutions and will instil confidence that you, as the business manager, are fully aware of your business situation and that you are implementing action plans to:

  • Capitalise on your strengths

  • Eliminate your weaknesses

  • Exploit your opportunities, and

  • Counter any threats.


Bizolutions generates feasibility studies where new processes / products are options for businesses to expand their product/service offerings.


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