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If you do not know where to start...just start (anonymous)


BIZOLUTIONS has a variety of consulting services to aid businesses in creating that competitive edge...

Our services range from business planning to training of all levels of personnel. If you need any advice on any business related topic, we will endeavor to address your requirements.


BIZOLUTIONS has a variety of training courses available, presented as short courses, at your or other agreed venues.

Bizolutions training courses can be presented in small or large groups, depending on your requirements.




Business Mentor services extends to the analysis on these 4 aspects:

  • The business owner's personal mindset

  • The business owner's personal skill-set

  • An evaluation of the business systems

  • An evaluation of the business's performance


Bizolutions assists management with strategies to survive every day competitive forces with critical execution of business plans that address all aspects of the business. We assist businesses in creating, updating and/or execution of new/existing:

  1. business plans, business feasibility studies,

  2. quality plans, quality management, laboratory management and hazard analysis and critical control point system implementation (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025 and HACCP),

  3. environment management plans and systems implementation (ISO 14001),

  4. occupational health and safety plans (Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, ISO 45001),

  5. plumbing and building industry product certification requirement and implementation (WaterMark and CodeMark),

  6. access to metallurgical laboratories and NZBC requirement test facilities for a variety of building products.

  7. perform as a 3rd party auditor on behalf of a Compliance Assessment Body


Bizolutions assist businesses with business advice and mentoring services.

Bizolutions can also train personnel at all levels of employment in various aspects of business, from:

  • managing quality,

  • process/continuous improvement,

  • sales and marketing, and

  • various technical/manufacturing aspects.


What-ever your requirements, Bizolutions will either be able to assist you directly or be able to point you in the right direction in creating that competitive edge.

Contact Bizolutions today for a free evaluation of your needs.



921 East Coast Rd, Northcross

Auckland, New Zealand, 0632

Tel: 027 514 0057

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